February 13, 20170

85% of Australians don’t know their home loan rate

Posted by:HCT Agent onFebruary 13, 2017

An alarming statistic recently released by UBank is that 85% of Australians are unaware of their home loan rate. Considering that most Aussies can remember their phone number (94%), number plates (77%), and their parent’s phone number (76%), it’s astonishing that the vast majority of Aussies aren’t aware of such an important figure.


The results of the survey revealed that 44% can only remember an approximate figure for their home loan rate, while a staggering 41% simply do not know their home loan rate whatsoever.


Considering the large amounts of money involved, consistently researching and seeking the best rates should be a top priority for homeowners as there are significant savings to be realised. With the current record-breaking low interest rates, there’s no better time than now to examine your home loan rates and consider refinancing.


The ‘UBank Know Your Numbers Index’ also revealed that nearly a quarter (23%) of homeowners agree that refinancing a mortgage to save money is a good idea, but have difficulties finding the best comparative rates.


As a trusted and reliable brand in the financing industry, this is where we can help. Refinancing is much easier and simpler than most people realise, since we pretty much do all the work for you. We have witnessed some incredible savings in our clients loans and portfolios, due to the fact that we review our clients loans every one to two years to guarantee they remain competitive. In the past month alone, we have saved 13 clients over $50,000 in combined interest savings, which equates to roughly $4,000 each. Imagine the things you could do with $4,000?


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